Aluminum High Pressure Die Casting

Aluminum is the most commonly cast metal. Given its strength and lightweight metal properties it is the go to metal being used today in advanced automotive and industrial applications.

Aluminum die cast parts have advantages over other metals and alloys. It is easier to machine than other materials, lighter in weight, corrosion resistant, highly conductive, and has the right amount of stiffness (a property of a material which is rigid and difficult to bend).  The non-ferrous metal is used largely as an alternate material for light-weighting purposes, weight reduction and a means to saving costs over other materials.

Aluminum die cast parts are used in multiple industries such as; automotive, commercial diesel, agricultural, industrial and consumer goods.

The die casting process is a production process that has high throughput and allows for high volume manufacturing of die cast parts. Tooling is specialized and can range from a simple 1-cavity die to a multi-cavity die, allowing for greater efficiency and parts per hour. Very simple to very complex parts can be produces with this manufacturing method.

Huppert Engineering has been involved with aluminum high pressure die castings for over 25 years and has experience in engineered die cast sales, tooling and production.  Within our product portfolio, we have press sizes that go up to 2,000 tons which allows us to support small and large sized components.

Aluminum alloys produced are 360, 380, 383, 390, 413.  B390 is also an alloy that is very common, and experience is also available with this alloy.

A wide range of products are also possible such as clutch housings, transmission housings, torque transfer case housings, extension housings, front covers, oil pans, cam ladder frames, cyinder head covers, stators, water pumps, gear cases, thrust rods, valve bodies, connecting rods, fuel filters, air compressor manifolds, cooler housings, oil pump housings and sprockets.